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Pilates Props

Inexpensive, versatile, space-saving Pilates choices!
NEW! SmartBells®

A fun and challenging new resistance prop.

SmartBell product shot thumbnail
Neu Spine

Connect to deep core muscles.


Available in three sizes.

Fletcher Towel

Safe and effective for beginners.

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Resistance Tubing

Taken to a new level of quality for the professional.

Stretch-eze Band

An innovative tool to integrate into any mat-based class.


An innovative self-massage tool to help with stubborn spots.

Door Resistance Kit

Attach to any door and you are ready to go!

The Stick

Mechanically compresses and stretch muscles.

SmartSpine Products

Ease the biomechanical challenges of the spine.


Versatile and economical for fitness and rehabilitation.

Thera-Band Handles

Increases versatility of the Thera-Band System.

Thera-Band Door Anchors

Used with Thera-Band resistive exercise bands.

Yoga Strap

Yoga straps are used to support the body while stretching.