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Pilates Balls

Add variety and new exercises to your Pilates workouts with Balanced Body’s Pilates balls.
Weighted Balls

Weighted balls increase the intensity of any workout.

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EcoWise Fitness Ball

No latex, PVC, phthalates or chloride…

Textured Franklin Ball, 4" (10cm)

Designed for self massage, balance and gait exercises.

Franklin Smooth Ball, 4" (10cm)

An excellent choice for more sensitive students.

Eric Franklin Air Ball, 6-7" (15-18cm)

Support the upper body and challenge the core.

Franklin Easy Grip, 5" (13cm)

Soft, rounded bumps allow for a better grip.

Franklin Mini Roll

Ideal for supporting and releasing muscles around the spine.

Yamuna Foot Wakers

Rounded fingers gently massage and release all parts of the foot.

Yamuna Beginner Kit

Discover what Yamuna Body Rolling can do for you.


The perfect size, shape and texture for your Pilates.

“Pinky” Ball, 2.5" (7cm)

An intense massage for stubborn spots.

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Inflatable Ball, 4" (10cm)

This ball provides an excellent surface for standing or lying on.

Playground Ball, 5" (13cm)

This ball has been used for years in the Pilates world .

Pump with Inflator Needle

Inflates Playground Ball, Inflatable Ball, 8-10", or Inflatable Ball, 4".

Ribbed Inflatable Ball, 8-10" (20-25cm)

Increase support or challenge, during mat exercises!

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Weighted Balls

Weighted balls increase the intensity of any workout.

Soft-Spike Massage Balls

For massaging tight or tender spots.

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Posture Balls

An excellent tool to release muscle tension.

Fitness Balls

Burst-Resistant Balls for conditioning and rehabilitation.

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Deluxe Fitness Ball Base

Holds your fitness ball securely in place.

Fitness Ball Stackers

Store up to three fitness balls vertically.