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Pilates Manuals & Workbooks

Pilates books to help users of all levels of experience take the next step.
Pilates & Performing Arts Aesthetic Manual

A totally unique approach to Pilates.

Balanced Body Manuals

These beautiful manuals include detailed exercise descriptions.

Manuals by Ellie Herman

Want a deeper understanding of their practice?

Roller Play

Learn how to make the most of the roller!

Prenatal Pilates

From Carolyne Anthony and The Center for Women's Fitness

Comprehensive Workbook

A comprehensive manual covering Pilates fundamentals.

Trail Guide Flashcards

These flashcards augment Trail Guide to the Body.

Pilates Props Workbook

A step-by-step guide, illustrated with photographs.

Movement Perspectives

A scientific approach to classic Pilates.


A complete guide to mat work & equipment-based repertoire.

Movement Analysis

Comprehensive Pilates apparatus manuals.