Balanced Body


Pilates Manuals & Workbooks

Pilates books to help users of all levels of experience take the next step.
NEW! Pilates & Performing Arts Aesthetic Manual

A totally unique approach to Pilates.

Trail Guide to the Body

This New 4th Edition is a detailed and comprehensive visual tour of the human body.

Balanced Body Manuals

These beautiful manuals include detailed exercise descriptions.

Manuals by Ellie Herman

Want a deeper understanding of their practice?

Roller Play

Learn how to make the most of the roller!

Prenatal Pilates

From Carolyne Anthony and The Center for Women's Fitness

Comprehensive Workbook

A comprehensive manual covering Pilates fundamentals.

Trail Guide Flashcards

These flashcards augment Trail Guide to the Body.

The Pilates Way to Birth

Safely exercise and move through pregnancy.

Pilates Props Workbook

A step-by-step guide, illustrated with photographs.

Movement Perspectives

A scientific approach to classic Pilates.


A complete guide to mat work & equipment-based repertoire.

Pilates Protocols

For clients with impairments and injuries.

Movement Analysis

Comprehensive Pilates apparatus manuals.

The Pilates Reformer Manual for Instructors

Specializing in Pilates education.

Anatomy of Pilates

Anatomy textbook created by and for Pilates practitioners.