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Podcasts for Foot Products

Traditional Pilates equipment, with improvements you’ll love
Introducing Fivebow

Introducing FiveBow:
FiveBow is the first simple-to-use exercise device designed to focus on the toe.

Using Functional Footprints

Using Functional Footprints®:
Nancy Myers shows how Functional Footprints work as well as some exercises.

Functional Footprints with the Chair

Functional Footprints®
with the Chair:

Nancy Myers introduces functional footprint exercises while sitting on a chair.

How to use the Functional Footprints

How to use the Functional Footprints®:
Elizabeth Larkam shows us how to use the Functional Footprints to improve balance and align the pelvis.

Pilates for the Feet - Foot Corrector

Pilates for the Feet — Foot Corrector:
Elizabeth Larkam shows how the Foot Corrector can strengthen the foot and ankle.

Dual Foot Correctors

Dual Foot Correctors:
Nancy Myers shows us standing footwork using two Foot Correctors.

Releases on the Foot Corrector

“Releases” on the Foot Corrector:
Nancy Myers shows a variety of exercises that promote myofascial release for the feet using the Foot Corrector.

Introduction to the Toe Gizmo

Introduction to the Toe Gizmo®:
Nancy Myers demonstrates some standing footwork exercises that can be done with the Toe Gizmo.

Using Joe's To Gizmo on the Reformer

Using Joe’s Toe Gizmo®
on the Reformer:

Nancy Myers shows how to incorporate the Toe Gizmo into your footwork on the Reformer.

Mat work with the Toe Gizmo

Mat work with the Toe Gizmo®:
Nancy Myers demonstrates how some Toe Gizmo exercises can be incorporated into traditional mat work.

Individual Digit Work

Individual Digit Work:
Nancy Myers gives us some individual digit exercises using Joe’s Toe Gizmo®.