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NEW! The smart, beautiful, easy-to-use Allegro® 2 System. Perfect for professional and home use.


Select the Pilates reformer that is right for you!
Studio Reformer®

#1 choice of Pilates professionals since 1976.

Allegro® 2 Reformer

The most intuitive, easy-to-use Reformer on the market.

Clinical Reformer®

The most versatile Pilates tool for effective rehabilitation.

IQ® Reformer

Telescoping Reformer that fits in a closet or under your bed.

IQ Reformer
CenterLine® Reformer

Joes original design meets state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Ron Fletcher Reformer™

Built from the original designs of Joe Pilates.

Allegro® Reformer

Engineered for commercial fitness, perfect for home use.

Allegro Reformer
Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.