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Allegro 2 Tower of Power®

Offering most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table

Tower on the Go®

A challenging, resistance - based workout.

Trapeze & Towers

The best choice for spring-assisted, integrated Pilates workouts!
Reformer/Trap Combo

Two extraordinary machines in the space of one.

Pilates Trapeze Table

Challenge the body in multiple planes of motion.

CenterLine® Cadillac

Joes original design meets state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Allegro 2 Tower of Power®

Durable, versatile, beautiful.

Studio Reformer with Tower

Designed for group programming and personal training.

Clinical Reformer with Tower

The most versatile Pilates tool for safe, effective rehab.

CenterLine Reformer with Tower

Offers all-in-one flexibility and economical use of space.

Allegro Tower of Power®

Built for commercial fitness, perfect for home use.

Wall Tower

The flexible solution for growing studios

CenterLine® Pole System

Replicates the exact, smaller measurements that Joe used.

Pilates Springboard™

An affordable, space-saving piece of Pilates equipment.

Tower on the Go®

A challenging, resistance based Tower workout.