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Allegro 2 Tower of Power®

Offering most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table

Tower on the Go®

A challenging, resistance - based workout.

Trapeze & Towers

The best choice for spring-assisted, integrated Pilates workouts!
Reformer/Trap Combo

Two extraordinary machines in the space of one.

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Pilates Trapeze Table

Challenge the body in multiple planes of motion.

CenterLine® Cadillac

Joes original design meets state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Allegro 2 Tower of Power®

Durable, versatile, beautiful.

Studio Reformer with Tower

Designed for group programming and personal training.

Studio Reformer with Tower product thumbnail
Clinical Reformer with Tower

The most versatile Pilates tool for safe, effective rehab.

CenterLine Reformer with Tower

Offers all-in-one flexibility and economical use of space.

Allegro Tower of Power®

Built for commercial fitness, perfect for home use.

Wall Tower

The flexible solution for growing studios

CenterLine® Pole System

Replicates the exact, smaller measurements that Joe used.

Pilates Springboard™

An affordable, space-saving piece of Pilates equipment.

Tower on the Go®

A challenging, resistance based Tower workout.