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Clinical Reformer Tower Combination workout photo
Clinical Reformer Tower Combination product photo

Clinical Reformer® with Tower

#1 choice of hospitals, rehab clinics & private practitioners worldwide.


Balanced Body’s space-saving Clinical Reformer® with Tower offers all-in-one flexibility, new programming concepts, and economical use of space.

The four-in-one exercise system of Reformer, Mat Station and Tower provides a complete workout in the space of a Reformer. Additional programming options include working in multiple planes of resistance, on a mat or moving platform.

The Reformer includes the Infinity Footbar® with the Revo Springbar™ System and provides all the benefits of the Clinical Reformer® most preferred by professionals.

This machine offers several advantages over similar equipment:

  • Easiest conversion system. Two lightweight mats fit over the carriage and on top of the frame. No need to lift, flip or turn the carriage.
  • Tower frame is chrome, engineered and built for stability. Its unique attachment system provides maximum stability and disperses the stress throughout the frame.
  • Mats can double as floor mats. Non-skid feet keep them firmly in place.
  • To convert from Tower to Reformer, just remove the mats, lift the risers, insert the shoulder rests and raise the footbar.

The Clinical Reformer® with Tower is a CE approved medical device (Class 1).


Color Resistance Part # Price  

Orders in black upholstery will ship within 48-72 hours. Orders in other upholstery colors will ship within 5-7 business days.

Reformer and Tower can be purchased separately, or save $345 when you purchase Reformer and Tower together.

Bonus - included at no extra charge, a value $933 value:

  • Complete Clinical Reformer® Bonus Package: standard sitting box, padded foot plate, built-in and oversized standing platforms, padded double loops and foot strap, Neoprene handles, one pair each adjustable thigh cuffs and ankle cuffs, factory pre-drilled for Tower and Proprioception T-Bar, Infinity Footbar DVD
  • Maple roll-down bar
  • Pair of single D-ring cotton loops

All orders will be confirmed by a Sales rep within 24-48 hours. Sales staff will contact you with estimated delivery & lead times.

Stock item order:


Non-Stock item order:

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Stock Item Standard Features:

Wood Type: Strata® Rock Maple
Frame: 24" (61cm) high, 93" (236cm) long, 27" (69cm) wide
Footbar/springbar: Infinity Footbar with Revo Springbar
Carriage: custom stability padding
Ropes & risers: retractable, adjustable metal risers
Springs: 1 blue, 3 red, 1 green, 1 yellow
Sitting box: Standard sitting box, 16" w x 29" l x 11.5" h (41cm x 74cm x 29cm)
- Padded single D-ring cotton loops (1 pair)
- Padded double loops (1 pair)
- Ankle Velcro cuffs (1 pair)
- Thigh Velcro cuffs (1 pair)
Upholstery: Your choice of 9 standard colors
- Medium padded foot strap, 27" (69cm)
- Padded foot plate
- Oversized standing platform
- Frame pre-drilled for Tower and Proprioception T-bar (pre-drilled only)

Tower features:

Twin mat conversion: standard foam padding
Springs: 4 regular (2 yellow, 2 blue) and 4 long (2 yellow, 2 purple)
Tower bars: maple roll-down bar with inside hooks, aluminum push-through bar, push-through bar safety strap w/carabiner

  • Choice of 3 frame heights (14", 18" or 24") to best meet clients' mobility needs, your own comfort level, and any ceiling height limitations.
  • Retractable metal risers lock into 4 positions for easy, accurate adjustment, and also allow quick mat conversions.
  • Strata® Rock Maple or Strata Artisan Maple, with Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Frame is sanded by hand and finished with a lustrous satin finish.
  • 3-position, padded headrest provides cervical support: 2 positions above the carriage, 1 level with the carriage.
  • Quick-release, adjustable and removable shoulder rests.
  • Risers feature swivel pulleys that allow variable angles of resistance - ropes can be pulled easily in any direction. Pulleys can be elevated from 2" to 13" (5cm to 33cm) above the frame.
  • Built-in Standing Platform, 27" x 4.5" (69cm x 11cm), with 24" x 3.5" (61cm x 9cm) rubberized non-slip surface for safety.
  • Frame pre-drilled for Tower Retrofit Kit and Proprioception T-Bar mount.
  • Heavy-duty hardware throughout. Aluminum parts anodized to reduce friction, prevent oxidation, and eliminate "black dust."
  • Twin mats are easy for one person to handle.
  • Sturdy vertical tower frame. Four custom-engineered L-brackets secure the frame not only to the end of the Reformer, but also to the sides for maximum stability. Brackets are through-bolted with heavy-gauge steel bolts.
  • Push-through bar in anodized aluminum is 3-sided and adjustable to 3 heights. Also available in wood.
  • Push-through safety strap and carabiner. Chains on request.
  • Frame has 35 spring attachment points. Springs package includes 8 springs, with snaps: 4 regular (2 yellow, 2 blue) and 4 long (2 yellow, 2 purple).
  • Hardwood roll-down bar.
  • Pair of single D-ring cotton loops.

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  • Carriages are lightweight yet strong, for an extremely responsive and stable surface.
  • Precision carriage system now rides on one-piece rail structure that provides a rock solid, smooth carriage ride and offers even greater frame stability.
  • Carriage tracking system creates an ultra-smooth, virtually silent ride. Our 8-wheel system features four custom-built vertical wheels to support the carriage, and four adjustable sidewheels to guide the carriage smoothly down the track.
  • Carriage is padded in custom stability padding. Upholstered in Heavy Duty vinyl. Choose from 42 custom colors.
  • Safety-rated climbing ropes are secured by nautical cam cleats. Rope length adjustments are quick and easy.


  • Durable nickel-plated springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks.
  • Six color-coded springs for the widest range of precise resistance: 1 green, 3 red, 1 blue and 1 yellow. Or select a custom combination. More about our Reformer springs.


Tower frame height: 14" (36cm), 18" (46cm) or 24" (61cm)
Width, with vertical frame brackets: 27" (68cm)
Table/Reformer length: 93" (236cm)
Vertical frame height from floor: 83 1/2" (213cm)

51 upholstery colors:

Heavy-duty viny in 51 colors. Of that total, 8 are standard/free, and an additional 42 custom colors are available (additional charges apply). Try our Color Tool and get more information here, or email us for a sample color palette.

Footbar & Spring Bar

Infinity Footbar ®

The most adaptable footbar available today, the Infinity Footbar® was originally designed for a pediatric physical therapist for working with children. The Footbar adjusts along the entire length of the frame to support a whole new realm of exercise possibilities, including upper body work. Five vertical positions and 32 horizontal positions give the Infinity Footbar 160 locking positions, to safely accommodate people of all heights and levels of ability, including children.

Combine the Infinity Footbar with the easy-to-use Revo Springbar for the most precise system available, or choose the more traditional No-Roll Springbar.

  • Footbar diameter: 2.25" (6cm) with padding. Width: 39.25"
  • 5 vertical footbar positions (only 4 positions shown) )
  • 32 horizontal footbar positions

Revo Springbar™

  • Carriage and Springbar are integrated - moving the Springbar moves the carriage.
  • Five carriage stop positions provide 12" of adjustability from carriage to footbar, creating the ergonomically correct position for every user. For clients of short to average height, use positions #1 or #2. For taller clients or those with a limited range of motion, use positions #3 - #5.

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F.I.T. Kit®

Get enhanced functional training with this economical upgrade.

Proprioception T-Bar

Enables clinicians to assess asymmetries in patients.

Studio Add-a-Platform™

Sit or stand at the Studio Reformer’s head-end!

Tower Retrofit Kit

Transform your Reformer into the most versatile machine available!

Sitting Box

Open up a whole new realm of Reformer workouts.

Padded Foot Plates

Add great versatility to your Reformer.

Jumpus Maximus

Maximize your jump board experience!

Oversized Standing Platform

Clear, non-slip finish on top.

Carriage Return Stoppers

Stop the carriage in two additional positions.

Carriage Extension Stoppers

Decrease carriage extension.

Sidewheel Conversion Kit

For Reformers that were ordered without sidewheels.