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Improve pelvic floor fitness with this program conceived of by a urogynecologist and designed with a Pilates professional. Pfilates can help strengthen bladder and bowel control, recover function after childbirth or surgery, and more! What makes this program different is in the execution of each exercise. With three separate stages of contraction, the effectiveness of each movement is maximized. The workout is comprised of three different phases, based on your pelvic floor strength. Build from the first to the third for the best results. Each routine is a quick workout that will “recover, strengthen, and prevent!” Perfect for any level. Also includes a section to review or learn the movements covered in the series and a 7-minute introduction with the creators, who discuss the pelvic floor and why it’s so important to maintain.

Props used: Mat and small ball or rolled up towel or cushion. (Total run time: 64 min)

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