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Allegro® Introductory and Level 1 Workouts

In the 30-minute Introductory Workout, you'll learn basic movements and principles of Balanced Body's Pilates program. Then you'll progress to Level 1, a 50-minute workout that integrates core control, correct breathing, and proper alignment with smooth, continuous movements for all the muscle groups. This total-body workout will leave you feeling energized, yet relaxed. The Set-Up and Safety segment shows you how to use your Allegro safely, and the Educational Video provides detailed instruction. Total length: 85 minutes. Free with purchase of an Allegro® Reformer.

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Allegro® Reformer video series

Demonstrated by Elizabeth Larkam, our Allegro video series will help you achieve the remarkable benefits of Balanced Body's Pilates program: improved strength, flexibility, core control, coordination, balance and posture.

Each Allegro video progresses systematically through six positions: lying down, bridging, all fours, sitting, kneeling and standing. Bonus: each video includes a tutorial segment with detailed instruction on correct form, breathing and alignment to help you get the maximum benefit from your workout. Taught on the Allegro, these workouts can be used with any Reformer.

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