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Back Pain. Weight Gain. Bike Wreck.
Pilates got me through it all.

Rashmi Gandhi’s Story

Rashmi and Allison talk about their Pilates experience.

Rashmi Gandhi is a clinical researcher for Pfizer Inc. She lives in San Diego. Rashmi does Pilates at Club Pilates in San Diego.

When I moved to the US from the UK 14 years ago I wasn’t really the most physically active person. I belonged to a gym but went too randomly for it to make a difference. I generally lacked motivation although I was conscious of being healthy.

After being at Club Pilates for the entire time it has been open, my back is pain-free and I’m 40 pounds lighter.

Several years ago I developed painful lower back problems which made working out even more difficult. I went to a chiropractor which didn’t help much, and then to a sports therapist which did help, but as a result of not enjoying the gym that I went to, apathy set in again. Acupuncture relieved some of the pain, but not all. I was terribly frustrated.

As a last ditch attempt, I joined another gym and I met Allison Beardsley and Pilates and that changed my life.

I had heard about Pilates and the concept intrigued me — what core strength could do to strengthen and help not just my lower back but my entire body. Allison was working at the club that I belonged to and suggested I try a private session.

I didn’t have the confidence to do group classes yet so I started working with Allison for half hour sessions twice a week. The results were startling. As I began to get stronger the pain in my back began to subside. As a side note I had also put on ton of weight and the pounds began to shed. I felt great and basically decided to seriously commit to my health.

In due course Allison opened her first Club Pilates studio. I signed up immediately and for the first time was going to classes three times a week. Alison is such an inspiration, she has the ability to makes Pilates attractive to people who aren’t fanatical about fitness – like me – and get them motivated – she makes exercise fun. It’s a huge reason for her success and why she’s been able to open multiple studios since then.

Her spirit resounds through the all of her studios. Allison was the initial reason I went to Club Pilates but I haven’t had a class with her in about 18 months. All of the classes are very affordable, everyone is friendly and well trained, and the equipment is updated and clean. Most importantly I know that whoever is teaching the class will give me a good, well thought-out workout.

After being at Club Pilates for the entire time it has been open my back is pain-free and I’m 40 pounds lighter. In addition, my posture has changed — I used to stand in at 5’ 3½” but I was just measured at 5’5”. I stand a full inch and a half taller than I used to!

Lastly, I’ve also been able to experience the power of Pilates in a rehabilitation setting with Club Pilates. I had a mountain biking accident several years ago and ended up getting radial head (elbow) surgery and a joint replacement. Allison and the other Club Pilates teachers worked patiently with me and knew exactly how to modify the exercises so that I could build up my whole body strength while not taxing the injury. It was a crucial element in my recovery.

I now go to group classes three or four times per week. With the number of classes they offer, the times they have scheduled and the incredible pricing, I have absolutely no reason not to go. And I’m not the only one who thinks that — Club Pilates Global now has over twenty thousand customers. That’s saying something.

Rashmi and Allison used the following Balanced Body equipment:

Rashmi Gandhi
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