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10 Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

Balanced Body® offers ideas to incorporate movement into your daily routine

Sacramento, Calif., December 17, 2014

As the holidays approach and life grows increasingly busy, many people start missing workouts and spend more time sitting around eating, drinking and socializing. This inactivity — combined with the extra calories and alcohol — can leave you feeling sluggish and stressed out. But the holidays don’t need to be a lost cause when it comes to maintaining a healthy activity level.

Balanced Body®, the leading source of mindful movement equipment, information and education, suggests 10 easy ways to stay active during the holidays. Balanced Body believes that movement changes lives and that physical activity can be a path to lifelong health. You may not be able to hit the gym consistently during this busy time, but even a few minutes of exercise here and there throughout the day can help.

  1. Park farther away. If you need to visit multiple stores when running your holiday errands, park your car in a central area and walk from store to store instead of driving. If you go to the mall, park at the far end of the lot. You may not have time for a full workout, but some brisk walking can get your heart rate up — and carrying heavy bags adds a strength-training component.
  2. Use your smartphone. Download an app for a 15-minute workout that you can do right in your living room while watching the morning news. Check out Balanced Body’s podcasts online, available for download and video streaming to all your devices. It’s a great way to build strength and get the day started on a healthy note without having to drive to the gym.
  3. Take advantage of downtime. While preparing holiday treats, you may find yourself waiting for something to finish baking. Use those extra 30 minutes or so to do some yoga poses, take a quick walk or simply move around the house with handheld weights, such as Balanced Body’s SmartBells. This is a great way to relieve stress.
  4. Get outdoors. If you’re visiting family and don’t have access to your gym, find the nearest park, woods or outdoor tourist attraction. Getting outside in the fresh air will inspire you to move and help you feel less stress and anxiety.
  5. Carry your luggage. If you’re traveling for the holidays, pack light and carry your bags instead of rolling them on wheels. Hauling that extra weight around builds strength.

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  1. Hit the dance floor. When connecting with friends over the holidays, skip the couch and hit the dance floor. Find a place with music you like and get out there and move.
  2. Clean your house. It might not seem like a workout, but vigorous cleaning does use a variety of muscle groups’ and burns calories. Even if you aren’t hosting any holiday parties, a clean house creates a more restful environment that will help you recover from the chaos of the season.
  3. Don’t take the easy way out. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and walk instead of driving or taking the subway whenever you can. You can turn travel time into a workout if you can’t make a special trip to the gym.
  4. Make exercise a fun group effort. There are plenty of activities — from ice-skating to shoveling snow — that people of all ages can do together and that will benefit everyone. Ask your family members or friends to join in with you. No matter the level of effort each person puts in, it’s always more fun to do things with others.
  5. Don’t scrap your schedule entirely. Although many people view the holidays as the one time they get a hall pass to eat whatever they want and lounge around, it’s important not to stray too far from your usual routine. For example, if your body is used to a morning workout, try to do something at that time, even if it’s just heading out for a 20-minute run or lifting a few quick weights. Likewise, if you usually exercise during your lunch break, try to at least take a short walk after eating. This will make it easier to get back into the swing of things when the fun is over and it’s time to head back to work.

About Balanced Body Inc.

Balanced Body believes that movement changes people’s lives. The company is the leading resource for Pilates and mindful movement equipment, information and education for fitness centers, studios, rehabilitation facilities and home enthusiasts. Founded in 1976, the company was the first to substantially update Joseph Pilates’ equipment with state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology. Ken Endelman, the company’s CEO and founder, has been awarded 40 U.S. patents for his inventions. Balanced Body is headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., where almost all of its equipment is manufactured.

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