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Balanced Body® Introduces Ergonomic and Versatile Pilates Equipment

Pilates Manufacturer Redesigns Step Barrel and Sitting Box for Greater Comfort and to Accommodate a Wider Range of Body Types

Sacramento, Calif. - December 20, 2006

Balanced Body®, the world's largest Pilates company , introduced two new products (patents pending) designed to give users more ergonomic support while accompanying a wider range of body types . The Contour Step Barrel™ and Contour Sitting Box™ offer significant changes in functionality as p art of a new line of products created in collaboration with Rael Isacowitz, an internationally recognized Pilates educator; the product line takes the designs of Joseph Pilates to a new level of comfort and expanded performance.

Balanced Body's Contour Step Barrel™ is a new generation of Joseph Pilates' original Spine Corrector, which enables stretching of the spine and shoulders in a safe and stabilized manner. This new, more ergonomic version uses an elongated arch to fit a wider range of body types and a rounded step to improve support. The redesigned equipment includes both dowel and cutout handholds, and can be upgraded to include a spring resistance system or a built in mat to accommodate a variety of exercises. The Step Barrel retails for $395.

Used in conjunction with a Reformer, the Sitting Box helps support and stabilize the entire body, increasing the user's sense of poise and control. Because of the added elevation, the Sitting Box generates the involvement of more complex muscle combinations, resulting in greater flexibility and motion. By taking the edges off the Box to better fit the body and encourage a fuller range of motion, Balanced Body's new Contour Sitting Box™ enables fluid exercise flow. The Box also allows more comfortable prone exercises ("swan") and supine long box exercises ("back stroke"), with no hard edge to interfere with body placement. The Sitting Box retails for $225 (foot straps sold separately).

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"At Balanced Body, we're constantly trying to evolve our products and improve the overall Pilates experience based on feedback we receive from professionals and customers," said Ken Endelman, founder and chief executive officer for Balanced Body. "The new Contour Step Barrel™ and Sitting Box are prime examples of incorporating fresh technology and applying it to classic equipment. Plus, because the equipment accommodates a wider range of body types, now even more customers can enjoy and benefit from our high-quality products."

The Contour Step Barrel™ and Contour Sitting Box™ are available for sale. For purchasing information or to learn more about Balanced Body, call 1-800-PILATES, or visit

About Balanced Body

Balanced Body is the leading resource for Pilates equipment, information and education for fitness centers, studios, and home users. As the world's largest manufacturer of Pilates exercise equipment, Balanced Body leads the industry with its innovative designs. Founded in 1976, the company was the first to substantially update Joseph Pilates' equipment with state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology. Ken Endelman, the company's founder and president, has been awarded 17 U.S. patents for his inventions. Headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., the company is the number one choice of clubs, spas and rehabilitation facilities worldwide, with an extensive line of equipment, training programs, accessories, books, and videos that meets the Pilates needs of any professional or home user. For more information, visit Balanced Body's Web site at or call 1-800-PILATES.

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