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Bring Balanced Body to your Facility

Want to hold a Balanced Body Barre® Training course at your Studio or Fitness Center?

While most students find the courses they need at a Balanced Body Authorized Training Center, there may be times when hosting a course at your facility is desirable. Reasons for sponsoring a course can include:

  • The need to train your staff quickly.
  • The course is part of an equipment/education package.
  • More convenient location.
  • An authorized training center is not the right “fit” for your staff.

Balanced Body’s on-site training makes it easy to bring education to your facility. Once you identify the courses you wish to hold we can help you select a date for your training and schedule an instructor. In some cases, if an on-site is appropriate but an Authorized Training Center is in the area, we may require that the course be offered as “closed.” In this case, the course will only be available to you and your instructors.

Choose your course

Balanced Body courses are structured as modular segments. Most courses are offered as individual modules. In some cases, we may recommend offering courses together (i.e. Bodhi Suspension System® and MOTR® training over a four-day period, as opposed to 2 separate weekends).

Once you decide your course(s), students register directly with Balanced Body, freeing you from the whole registration process.

The following chart provides information for each Balanced Body course:

  • The price students will pay to Balanced Body
  • The number of hours needed per course, and
  • The minimum number of students required to run the course

NOTE: Course fees outside the continental USA are based on your location and needs.

On Site Pricing

  Fee Total Cost
Module Regular Teaching Materials Regular Hours Min Students
MP $450 $95 $545 16 6
Mat 1 $450 $80 $530 16 6
Mat 2 $450 $80 $530 16 6
Mat 3 $450 $80 $530 16 6
Reformer 1 $525 $80 $605 18 6
Reformer 2 $475 $80 $555 16 6
Reformer 3 $475 $80 $555 14 6
Trapeze $475 $80 $555 18 6
Chair $425 $80 $505 14 6
Barrels $325 $80 $405 6 6
The Trapeze, Chair and Barrels class can be offered together as a individual module classes
Apparatus 1 $425 $240 $665 14 6
Apparatus 2 $425 Included in Part 1 12 6
Apparatus 3 $425 Included in Part 1 12 6
Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ $525 $525 16 6
Balanced Body Barre® 1 Day $245 $80 $325 8 6
Bodhi Suspension Training™ 1 Day $245 $80 $325 8 6
MOTR® 1 Day $245 $80 $325 8 6
Balanced Body Barre® 2 Day $475 $80 $555 16 6
Bodhi Suspension Training™ 2 Day $475 $80 $555 16 6
MOTR® 2 Day $475 $80 $555 16 6
CoreAlign® 1 $475 $80 $555 16 6
CoreAlign® 2 $475 $80 $555 16 6
Select a date

Choose dates that will best contribute to the success of your training. When selecting your ideal weekend, also choose a second or third option on the rare occasion that we cannot accommodate the first choice option.

Contact us

Call us at 800-PILATES (800-745-2837) or fill out and submit our on-line instructor training request form.

Onsite Pilates Instructor Training Registration

Balanced Body Barre Equipment Requirements

Barre trainings require either stationary Barres or portable Barres.

For stationary Barres we recommend a 6 foot Barre for every 3 students.
For portable Barres we recommend 6 foot Barres for up to 5 students (3 on one side, 2 on the other).

In addition, the following accessories are recommended:

  • TOGU ball (and we recommend a soft ball that inflates from 10" to 12")
  • Bands - 6-8' in length, suggested resistance is yellow, red or green (blue for more resistance)
  • Other props suggested: SmartBells (1.5 and 4.6lbs)

Cost of equipment is not included in course fees.

If additional equipment is needed, call 1-800-PILATES or visit Balanced Body’s online store for the highest-quality, most affordable Pilates equipment on the market.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your class will incur the following fees:

  • $100.00 fee if written notice of cancellation is received by Balanced Body up to five (5) days before class start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another course.
  • $250.00 or the full course fee, whichever is less, if written notice of cancellation is received by Balanced Body within five (5) days of class start date, or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another course.
  • No refund is given for any cancellation received once the class begins.
  • NOTE: These policies may not apply to any training offered outside the USA.
  • To cancel your registration please contact us at: Balanced Body®, 5909 88th Street, Sacramento, CA 95828 or (800)PILATES or via e-mail at