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Balanced Body Barre®

The only prerequisite? A passion for movement and the desire to share that passion with others.

Balanced Body Barre® takes the best of the original Lotte Berk method and updates it with Balanced Body Movement Principles to create a high energy, safe and fun workout appropriate for all fitness levels and ages.

Balanced Body Barre®:

  • Provides variety and cross-training for you and your clients.
  • Enhances revenue flow at your facility.
  • Diversifies your teaching capabilities.
  • Gives you the support of the Balanced Body community.

It is the ideal compliment to a Pilates practice, adding energy, new clientele and functional fitness. Balanced Body Barre® instructor training covers Barre-based movement principles, class formats and music playlists for a variety of 60 minute classes.

This course gives participants the proper form and variations. Small props such as small balls, resistance bands and dumbbells are introduced.

Balanced Body Barre emphasizes safety and body awareness while keeping the intensity and high energy of a Barre workout at the forefront. Instructors will come away able to teach in any setting.

Barre Program Details
Barre Courses Near You

Courses are offered at Balanced Body Barre® Authorized Training Centers, studios and conferences (including Pilates on Tour®), and are available at your facility through our on-site training program.

Most courses are approved for CECs from the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE). Visit the Education Finder for a listing of current classes.

What students are saying about Balanced Body Barre®

“This is a deeper Barre experience.”

S. Byrd-Leitner

“The Barre program fits beautifully with Pilates principles.”

C. Rhoades

“There’s more ‘there’ there with this program…”

P. Page