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Bodhi Suspension System®

A dynamic, whole-body suspension system that challenges core strength, flexibility and proprioception.

Balanced Body brings the precision and movement principles of Pilates to suspension training with the Bodhi Suspension System®. Taking the body out of alignment with gravity fires the core stability muscles and develops integrated, whole-body strength and dynamic flexibility.

The Bodhi Suspension System offers four potential points of suspension to maximize stability training and proprioception while providing many options for creativity. Learn essential exercises and how to create balanced class sequences using Balanced Body’s unique track system.

The ideal complement to a Pilates or personal training practice, Bodhi adds standing, balance, and stability elements that bodies respond to and enjoy. Bodhi instructor training provides instructors with everything needed to teach a variety of formats, from small group personal training to circuit training to private sessions. Re-ignite your studio and excite your bodies with the Bodhi Suspension System!

Bodhi Program Details
Bodhi Courses Near You

Courses are offered at Bodhi Authorized Training Centers, studios and conferences, including Pilates on Tour®.

Most courses are approved for CECs from Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Visit the Education Finder® for a listing of current classes, or contact us to bring a class to your facility.

What people are saying about Bodhi

“Group classes are a BLAST on Bodhi.”

P. Page

“Bodhi refines efficiency and redefines effort.”

E. Larkam

“I’ve had AMAZING results with my clients”

M. L. Cauthen