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MOTR® Program Details

The 16-hour course includes a detailed manual and suggested class formats — everything you need to begin teaching on the MOTR. The course has a programmatic track format that makes learning the exercises easy, fun and teachable. MOTR exercises are rooted in Balanced Body movement principles which emphasize safe and effective movement potential.

Course includes:

  • Detailed manual and instructor training video support
  • Introduction to the Balanced Body Movement Principles to strengthen your teaching
  • The Balanced Body Track System to help you create classes quickly and easily
  • Progressions, regressions and modifications to make the exercises useful for everyone


Become a fully-qualified Balanced Body MOTR instructor by successfully completing the MOTR coursework plus 20 personal sessions and 20 teaching sessions. The test-out is a practical examination.

For further details download our test-out application.

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