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CoreAlign® Magic
Restoring the Spine

By Joy Puleo, Education Program Manager

The CoreAlign is playing an integral part in rehabilitation after significant spinal trauma. Taking it, truly, one hoof at a time, the CoreAlign is producing outstanding results.

Here are two of the many incredible CoreAlign recovery stories we’ve heard over the years.

Stephanie Lang Bittner

On June 15th, 2013. Stephanie was in a head-on car collision. The impact caused a burst fracture to L2 and six broken ribs. Due to the severity of the fracture and to prevent paralysis, Stephanie was rushed into emergency surgery to fuse vertebrae T11 thru L4.

Stephanie has been a mover all her life. Dancing at the age of three, she performed on Broadway and was a Radio City Rockette for 10 years. Her love for movement brought her to Pilates and she has been teaching at Pilates on 5th in New York City for over a decade. She also completed the CoreAlign education prior to her accident.

Knowing she needed to move to regain strength and mobility, Stephanie began working on the CoreAlign 90 days post surgery adding it into her rehabilitation as she continued to rebuild her body. Her Neurosurgeon and Physical Therapists have all said that she is where she is today because of the strength she had prior to the accident but also to the amount of movement she has been doing since the surgery.

She credits working on the CoreAlign with helping her regain functional gait movements including core strength and balance, as well as hip, knee and ankle strength, mobility and articulation.

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Maura Brutti

Maura was to be the maid of honor at her best friend’s destination wedding. All she wanted was to be able to stand up for her friend and enjoy the event to its fullest, which meant dancing all night long in her favorite heels. After many years of dealing with deformity, neck pain and frequent muscle spasms due to severe scoliosis she had surgery five months before the wedding. The spinal curves were at approximately 66 degrees and 42 degrees, and required 2 rods, 28 screws and a bone autograft on her left hip in June of 2012.

Having worked with Meghan Bubnis (a physical therapist, Pilates practitioner, and CoreAlign master trainer), 7 months prior to her surgery and picking it up again just 11 days post surgery, she was not only able to achieve her goal, but was back to a normal lifestyle within 4 months post op. Now she is feeling better than ever.


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