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Balanced Body Pilates Master Instructors

Balanced Body recruits and trains some of the most innovative, highly-educated and creative instructors in the field.

We encourage instructors from diverse educational and instructional backgrounds. Our diversity is what makes us truly unique and provides our students with a broad range of teaching styles.

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Joining the Balanced Body Master Instructors

Balanced Body is always looking for talented, experienced, dynamic and motivated practitioners to join our growing master instructor team.

If you are passionate about teaching and want to pass on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of movement instructors, consider joining Balanced Body as a master instructor member.

Training Opportunities

Master instructors usually teach at Authorized Training Centers. To become an Authorized Training Center, your studio must be in a location that does not currently have a nearby Balanced Body Training Center.

Master instructors may also teach Balanced Body on-site trainings at other studios, health clubs or other facilities interested in providing Balanced Body training for their instructors.

Master Instructor Opportunities Beyond Pilates

As an innovator in the world of movement health and wellness, Balanced Body is pleased to offer an ever-expanding curriculum:

Each educational opportunity and modality is steeped in the Balanced Body tradition of excellent quality and scientifically sound education. Students gain an expanded and varied tool box from which to work with clients.

Teaching Philosophy

Balanced Body has become synonymous with quality and innovation within the Pilates and fitness communities. It is important to us that our education produces instructors who reflect these qualities.

Outstanding master instructors help us create outstanding students, and so we expect our master instructors to be innovators in their own right, embracing continued professional growth and development. Our goal is to help you hone your skills and abilities to become the best possible instructor, so that your students will become the best possible instructors they can be.


If you are interested in becoming a master instructor, or in having your studio become a Balanced Body Authorized Training Center, please contact us at

Balanced Body
Attn: Education Coordinator
5909 88th Street
Sacramento, CA 95828