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Pilates Instructor Training Programs

Balanced Body Education believes that a high-quality educational experience leads to exceptional teachers and exceptional teachers change lives.

Bringing you the finest Pilates Education in the World!

The Balanced Body Pilates instructor training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates teachers. Our courses are taught in modular segments and are offered by our highly qualified master instructor affiliates around the world. This allows students flexibility and convenience in choosing when, where and how to complete the program. Each module is self-contained so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and budget allow.

A Balanced Body Pilates education respectfully and comprehensively presents the works of Joseph H. Pilates. Our signature and innovative Balanced Body approach teaches the repertoire as well as movement principles and the practical day to day instructional applications of each of the exercises. At Balanced Body, we encourage you to explore and create your own voice and style as a practitioner as we believe this approach respects the past and innovates the future.

Our master instructors, manuals, and accompanying videos are considered to be some of the best resources in the industry.

Balanced Body Education Catalog

What students are saying about Balanced Body Pilates

“…absolutely amazing. (The) level of knowledge just blew me away.”

“Very educational, I learned so much. Excellent teacher!! Thank you.”

“I feel like I not only learned a lot about Pilates, but how to be a better instructor overall.”

“Great class and great teacher. Information was presented well and the manuals are easy to read.”

“I have never left a workshop before where I felt it was this worthwhile and worth every penny I spent on it.”

Pilates Program Details
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Programs in Brief

Mat — The most basic of our options, the Mat program requires a student to successfully complete both Mat I and Mat II modules. An anatomy pre-requisite, teaching, and observation hours are required to complete the program.

Reformer — This covers all Reformer work plus the mat work. For successful completion candidates will need to take the following modules: Mat I and Mat II; Reformer I, II, III, and an anatomy pre-requisite. Teaching and observation hours are also required to complete the program.

Comprehensive — This is an in-depth exploration of Pilates from mat to barrels and all that lies in between. The comprehensive modules include: Mat I and Mat II; Reformer I, II, III; Tower or Trap Table, Chair and Barrels, and an anatomy pre-requisite. Teaching and observation hours are also required to complete the program.

Bridge Program — If you have already completed a Pilates training program and are looking to bridge over to our Balanced Body program, we welcome you. Our bridging program requires a bridge application submission and the completion of at least three modules which will be determined based on your application.

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