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Pilates COREterly

Summer 2010

Equipment and Maintenance

Podcasts on Everything

In addition to our instructional podcasts, did you know we also have an Equipment, Maintenance, and More channel?


Ever wondered what the difference was between an Allegro® Reformer and a Studio Reformer®? Nora St. John, Balanced Body’s Education Program Director and familiar face at Pilates on Tour® and other events, guides you through the ins and outs of the Studio Reformer®, Allegro® Reformer, Clinical® Reformer, and Classical Reformer.

Nora demonstrates how to adjust everything on each of Balanced Body’s Reformers, from footbar height, to rope length, to spring resistance and everything in between.

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Balanced Body’s equipment is well-built and durable, but regular maintenance of your equipment with regular cleaning, tune-ups and check ups will ensure that it retains its beauty and function year after year.

Technical support guru Joe Weiss leads you through step-by-step instructions on such various topics like, “How to Remove Your Allegro Carriage” and “How to Assemble a New Trapeze Table.” If you’ve ever wondered how to adjust your side wheels, take a peek at Joe’s podcast.

Should you need to contact him for any technical support, feel free to give him a ring at 1-800-PILATES, ext. 219.

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