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Pilates COREterly

Fall 2012

What’s New

If you haven’t already received it, our 2013 catalog is on its way to you! It’s jam packed with inspirational stories, information on all kinds of products, and other great tidbits! So grab a cup of tea and settle in for some quality you and Balanced Body time.

New Rollers
We are excited to offer you 40" long rollers! Available in white or black, these foam rollers are perfect if you have a long torso or just like some more room. Balanced Body is the only place offering these extra long rollers!

Arm Chair
An oldie, but a goodie! We are proud to re-introduce the Arm Chair. It’s a versatile piece of equipment to challenge the upper body, while also integrating movement in the lower body and core. Plus, we have an awesome manual, so you can learn all the cool things to do on this piece of equipment.

Incline Mat Table
Add challenge or resistance simply by inclining either end of this mat table. It allows clients to either work with or against resistance, adding new variations to mat exercises. Includes dowel handles and foot strap. Available in custom colors. Stock color is Black.

CenterLine® Tower
You asked for it, we delivered! The CenterLine Reformer is now available with a Tower! Or just purchase the components and add the Tower to your existing CenterLine Reformer.

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Balanced Body Barre
We’ve got a new Barre program! Sculpt long, lean, ballerina muscles… or learn to teach others. We have all you need to do an effective barre workout, including convenient, sturdy, portable barres that disassemble in minutes and store away. Check out our Education Finder to see where we’ll be holding workshops.

Other new products
We’ve also got a boatload of other new items for you to peruse: mats, videos, and more! See what’s new in our catalog or online at