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Pilates COREterly

Spring 2013

What’s New

Introducing Balanced Body Barre!

There’s more to Barre than meets the eye…

You know that, we know that. And that's why Balanced Body pulls from its 35+ years of mind-body experience to create a new program that emphasizes safety and body awareness, while delivering the intensity and high energy of a Barre workout. When you complete this training you will be able to teach in any setting.

The only prerequisite is a passion for movement and the desire to share this with others.

Visit the Education Finder® at for a listing of current classes, or contact us to bring a class to your facility.


We’ve added new podcasts since our last edition! Check out our equipment maintenance and safety section, which includes equipment assembly, maintenance, and more!

Need ideas for your next workout or session with a golfing client? Our podcasts have you covered. See mermaid variations, tips on how to get your swimming client more balanced, or improving shoulder mobility, among other things.

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CoreFitness Roller

What do you get when you combine a foam roller, loops, and resistance? The CoreFitnessRoller, of course! This innovative piece of equipment is a self contained unit, with a comfortable foam roller exterior and hollow interior, to store everything you need. The CoreFitness Roller allows you to work out in eight different body positions, with three levels of resistance. It’s a great complement to Pilates and yoga, and will enhance both strength and flexibility training. Its unique design allows for fast transitions from one exercise to the next, and switches resistances quick and easily.

The CoreFitness Roller is small enough to carry over the shoulder, assembles and disassembles in a matter of a minute, and takes up very little space. Perfect for home use, in a group setting, or personal training session… for the novice, to the enthusiast, to the pro.