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Winter 2015

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Thinking of Blogging? Then Think About These Things.

by Dan Wilson

You’d have to be living in a cave to not see how big blogging has become — it is now an essential form of communication in quite literally just about all areas of life. From a business standpoint blogging can drive people to your website, if done right. It can also create a level of familiarity with your readers — hopefully the content you’re posting is helping those who read it, that they then come back for more, and that they eventually become clients, students and customers.

Balanced Body recently added a new blog — you can check it out here. Our goal is for it to become a wealth of information for both mindful movement professionals and enthusiasts. We also hope it brings us closer together as a community — in fact some of you have already contributed posts!*

A lot of work went into preparing the blog: looking at best practices, studying other blog sites and a variety of other research vehicles (not to mention all the stuff that goes on the back end!). It was a great learning experience and we thought we’d share some of what we found with you. If you have your own blog site or are contributing to another — as many of you do with us — this might help.

A quick side note: as is the case with most inbound marketing, content is always king when it comes to a blog. If your content isn’t relevant you’re dead in the water. So, in addition to that somewhat obvious point, here are some other things to consider.

Include pictures

A picture can sometimes tell a story better than words, right? With a smart phone in just about every one’s back pocket, we have become a world of real-time, image-based storytellers.

In fact, a 2012 article in BuzzFeed estimated that throughout history mankind has taken approximately 380 trillion photos. Ten percent of that — 38 trillion — were taken in the prior twelve months. That number has most likely grown in the last two years. Absolutely mindboggling.

Quite simply, adding photos to your content increases engagement (sharing, liking, commenting, etc .) which creates positive brand awareness. Some reports state that adding a photo to your article or post can increase reader engagement by as much as 90 percent. This is what they call a slam dunk. Do it.

Don’t overtly sell

Like Facebook, Twitter and others, a blog shouldn’t be used to shove products or services down a potential customer’s throat. In this age of social media it is all about connecting with your customers — talking with them, not at them. When a post becomes a sales pitch you lose that connection and engagement.

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Avoid duplicate content

Many new bloggers make this mistake — this especially happens when people contribute to a company’s blog and then re-post that content on their own site. This is a no-no in the eyes of the Google police. Google’s algorithm (which changes about 500 times a year) searches for duplicate content and if it can’t decide who the original owner is it filters the content out.

So if you are contributing a post for an external site but want people who come to your site to know about it, the best thing to do is feature a 2-3 sentence summary about the blog and then link back to the original post. That way everyone wins.

This is also good if you’d like to include older yet still relevant content already on your site as blog content (like a newsletter article). Summarize, then link to the article.

Hope this helps and happy blogging!

*Interested in contributing to our blog? Let us know!