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Balanced Body COREterly

Winter 2015

What’s New

Wow, we have had quite the past few months! Lots of new things to tell you about and news to share.

2015 Catalog

The 2015 catalog is here and filled with tons of great stuff: new products, new stories, and new ways to challenge your clients… and you! If you haven’t received your catalog yet, and would like one, let us know!

New products

With too many to name, here’s just a few!

Begin Chair

The Begin Chair®

The Begin Chair, another exclusive from Balanced Body, promotes healthy posture and way to sit. Activate core muscles and give active sitting an entirely new meaning.



Get MOTRing! This unique piece of equipment is easily stored and portable. Use the roller by itself, or with the Variable Resistance Module (VRM)… or use the VRM alone. The possibilities are endless. And when you’re ready to store, all the components fit inside the core of the roller!


Bodhi Suspension System®

Suspend your disbelief! The Bodhi Suspension System allows all four limbs to be suspended simultaneously, allowing for new exercises and challenges that you can’t do with traditional suspension sytems.



A portable, personal jungle gym that creates strength, alignment and balance! Great for rehab, fitness, or dance settings.


Konnector® and Konnector® Lite

An extraordinary Reformer accessory that enables all four limbs to move independently, yet simultaneously. Facilitates full-body integration and core activation in dynamic new ways.

The Konnector Lite enables independent motion of two limbs, instead of four.


The updated Allegro® Reformer

Now with SoftTouch™ ropes and loops, plus an updated shoulder rest system with our new TwistLock™ system: just twist to secure.


The updated Pilates IQ® Reformer

We’ve made our IQ even easier to use, with levers to quickly extend and retract the frame, plus a simpler way to install your jump board.


CoreAlign® updates

You talked, we listened. The CoreAlign now has almost six full inches of additional travel distance on the carts, enabling taller or more flexible clients to extend their range of motion. We’ve also re-engineered longer-lasting resistance bands and softer cart bumpers.

Take a peek in our catalog or online for all our new items, plus videos and books/manuals!



We are so excited to announce the launch of our Balanced Body blog! From posts on running your studio, to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you’re sure to find something that will inspire and interest both you and your clients.

Want to write for our blog? Email