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Balanced Body COREterly

Summer 2017

What’s Going On(line)?


When we moved into our new building three years ago, we completely remodeled the inside. This past April, time came to work on the outside. The vibrant art scene in our hometown of Sacramento inspired us to commission the local artists to create the mural that now graces the façade of our building. Covering 14,000 square feet, “Motion and Form” visually captures what Balanced Body is all about. With sweeping strokes of color, visual texture, and shapes that evoke fluidity and grace, it encompasses movement, strength, flexibility… or whatever you take away from it. We’re proud to support our local artistic community and hope you enjoy it the next time you visit us.

Watch how the mural came to be!

Teaching Tip Tuesdays

If you haven’t checked out our Teaching Tip Tuesdays, mosey on over to Instagram or Facebook and see what the fuss is about! Each Tuesday we post a new teaching tip from some of your favorite instructors in the business. Been wondering how to progress someone to lunges on the chair? There’s a tip for that! How do I quickly adjust the Bodhi Suspension Ropes? There’s another tip for that! Our experts offer up variations, cueing, and more. #TeachingTipTuesdays


Our blog may not be so “new” any longer, but we’ve got a wonderful variety of topics for you to check out, whether you’re a teacher looking for new ways to be inspired, or just need some help taming your sweet tooth. We’ve got something for everyone! And, we’d love to hear your feedback.


If you’ve stopped by our online store recently, you may have noticed it looks a bit different. We’re working to make it even easier to find all your favorite Pilates and mindful movement products.

And since you’re already there, click on through to check out some of our new(ish) products. From the smaller diameter Ultra-Fit Circle® Mini, to the updated slider bar on our towers and trapeze tables, to the fast adjusting ladder barrel… oh, and some awesome stuff to wear while you workout, we’ve got all kinds of things for you to peruse!