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Pilates on Tour — From 1 to 100!

By: Erika Quest

15 years ago, Nora St. John and Al Harrison had a vision for Pilates continuing education. Why not "bring the top educators in the field to the students? Set in inspiring locales, in cities around the country— " And so it began!

The first Pilates on Tour was held in San Francisco on July 23-25, 2004. A weekend of inspiring workshops by three best-in-class instructors by the names of Elizabeth Larkam, Tom McCook and Madeline Black. Two full days of learning and six workshops to choose from.

Check out the original brochure here!

Since 2004, Pilates on Tour has traveled to numerous magnificent cities nationally and also has been successfully deployed to an international audience as well. Whether it be Chicago, New York, Miami, Italy, London, Turkey and many more, students and enthusiasts alike can find a myriad of presenters, teachers, modalities and equipment to inspire their journey deeper with mindful movement.

This July, Balanced Body welcomes a true milestone with the 100th Pilates On Tour in New Orleans. Joyfully, Elizabeth Larkam, Tom McCook and Madeline Black are all slated to teach once again! Each conference has its own unique imprint on attendees and over the years has steadily become known as a game changing way to learn and grow in the Pilates industry and beyond. Attendance is never better, fostering a deeper community in each location and gifting those who attend the opportunity to interact with colleagues, presenters and friends.

From Al Harrison, Chief Business Development Officer, Director of Education:

"Our mission from 2004 was that Balanced Body University would create a worldwide community of students and teachers interested in teaching and being taught from the abundant and ever-growing school of knowledge in the Pilates world.

When we started, we had no idea that this event would be running 15 years later and be offered all over the word. We were focused on the basic logistics of running an event and doing our best to find great presenters.

There are two main differences between event #1 and #100. The first is the size. We've grown. In number of students and number of days and most importantly the overall experience. The second is POTs have become a '3rd' space for the Pilates community. In today's virtual world where our friends are no longer defined by the street we live on, Pilates on Tour has been a touchpoint for instructors to gather in community and share their love of movement."

We hope to see you in New Orleans to celebrate the 100th in July!