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Pilates Training Equipment

Below are some of Balanced Body's most popular products with our athletes and athletic trainer clients. We also welcome you to visit our full online Store, or to call 1-800-Pilates (1-800-745-2837) for personal assistance.

Balanced Body® Equipment

The Reformer is the centerpiece for most Pilates training programs. Both our Allegro® and Studio Reformers come in optional Stretch versions to accommodate taller athletes, including those 6'5” and over for jumping.

Pilates Allegro®

The Allegro is the most versatile Reformer in the world, with over 26,750 in use. Tough, durable, yet portable and storable. You can fold it flat, stack it, or store it vertically. At just 104 lbs., some teams wouldn't think of going on the road without it. No other equipment offers as much flexibility. Rolls, stacks and stores on end.

For large and tall users, the Stretch Allegro has an oversized carriage pad and standing platform. Extra-long springs accommodate its 53” of carriage travel (12” more than the Standard Allegro).

The Allegro expands with the Tower of Power to be a reformer, half-trapeze and a mat, all in one compact footprint that allows an extraordinary range of programming. Start with the full system, or with Allegro® Reformers you can add to later. It all retrofits! 10-Year Warranty.

Studio Reformer ®

Our flagship product since 1976, the Studio Reformer® still sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship, with the smoothest, quietest ride on the market. Design your own reformer, choosing from our innovative Footbar and Springbar Systems, which are easy to adjust and minimize workout interruptions. Then select from our custom frame heights, plus your choice of wood and upholstery color options.

For large and tall users, the Stretch Studio Reformer is 6” longer and provides 47” of carriage travel, more than any other wood Reformer.

The Studio Reformer is also expandable with a Tower that retrofits all our wood-frame Reformers, for a whole new range of programming that requires no additional space. Limited Lifetime Warranty.


For Pilates training equipment as well as all our accessories listed here, you'll also find Pilates workout videos and books available that help you expand your exercise repertoire.
Ultra-Fit Circle® and Flex Ring Toner® ®
Foam Rollers
Balance Boards and Rotator Discs
Fit Balls
Exercise Bands

“I look for ways to turn every ounce of potential into winning performance for my players. Pilates training with the Allegro Reformer strengthens the core muscles, increases flexibility and helps my guys stay on the field - and off the injured list. The Allegro is the best equipment for the job. It's well-built and can stand the pounding of day-to-day usage by the league's biggest professional football players.”
Garret Giemont | Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Tampa
NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year, 2002
Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society