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Success Stories

Create a Pilates Success Story for your own Club!

Wondering if Pilates programming is a good idea for your facility? We’re pleased to share a Pilates success story from three of our clients.

YMCA of the East Valley

In 2005, this YMCA tried something unusual for a Y – they added group Allegro® Reformer classes and charged an additional fee for them. The equipment investment was paid off in less than a year, and they expect the program to gross nearly $50,000 in 2007. They've doubled the number of classes offered, added more instructors to meet demand – and still have a waiting list.
How they did it. [PDF]

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The Perfect Workout – Incline Village, NV

Three years ago, this husband and wife owned gymnasium and personal training facility added Pilates programming, and paid off the initial equipment investment in a few weeks. Today, 85% of its total revenue comes from Pilates classes. They offer 60 personal Pilates sessions and 20 group classes each week, and they’ve expanded from 900 to 2200 square feet.
How they did it. [PDF]

Club One

With savvy marketing and help from Balanced Body®, Club One quickly turned a struggling Pilates program into a profitable revenue generator. In less than a year, they’ve gone from losing money to generating a 33% profit margin for the quarter, filling 25 to 35 group reformer classes each week at six of its facilities.
How they did it. [PDF]