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Business and Marketing Tips

Creating a Pilates Studio Within a Club or Non-Profit

Creating a Pilates studio and programming from scratch in a club, gym or non-profit … is much simpler if you break the project into smaller, more realistic tasks…

Ten Important Marketing Tips for Fitness Facilities

A primary key to successful Pilates programming is having a marketing plan. Here are ten things to consider in order to launch and maintain a flourishing Pilates program.

Simple Way to Create a Mind-Body Atmosphere

Several factors contribute to successful and profitable Pilates fitness programs. One that sometimes is overlooked is creating the proper mind-body atmosphere.

Dispelling Pilates “Myths”

Pilates continues to soar in popularity. Yet some of your members may not believe Pilates can benefit them personally. Educate them by dispelling some common myths about Pilates…

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Finding and Training Instructors

Getting Your Instructors Certified

Your club owner approaches you with a new initiative: create a successful revenue-generating Pilates program within the club! This exact same situation happened to me about 5 years ago.

Finding Effective Group X Pilates Instructors

It is the teacher who motivates, inspires, nurtures and retains the participants – and makes your Pilates program grow. So, hiring right will help you increase club revenues…

Tips for New Instructors

For many clubs and fitness facilities implementing a Pilates program, the best solution for finding instructors is to train existing staff. Here are some tips that to help fledgling instructors…

Hiring and Retaining a Crack Pilates Staff

(Elizabeth) Larkam has put together a top-notch staff of eight instructors – some of whom have remained throughout her entire tenure. How has she done it?

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