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Rings & Circles


Flex Ring Toner®

The Flex Ring Toner® is an updated version of Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle. Completely encased in a non-slip rubberized coating, the Flex Ring Toner is soft and comfortable to use. A slender handle design makes the overall width slightly narrower than other Circle products, so it fits more body types while maintaining similar deflection and resistance.

  • Soft, non-slip rubberized coating throughout
  • No sharp edges, so you can use all parts of the Ring
  • Goes anywhere
  • Rustproof
  • Corrosion-proof

Find the best Balanced Body® product for your needs. The chart on this page compares how much resistance is generated during compression testing of our rings and circles.

Flex Ring Toner & Complete Kit
Now available as a full kit! Get our Flex Ring Toner and Neoprene® handle pads in one convenient kit.

Volume discounts are available on this item for quantities of 5 or more. Please call to order for discount.

U.S. Patents No. 5807217

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