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Anatomy + Movement™ Bundle

Calling all students and anatomy nerds…

Born of many years teaching our Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ courses, Balanced Body® has deeply explored compelling ways to teach musculoskeletal anatomy. Building muscles in clay on a specially-designed skeleton is effective, engaging and fun.

For those who prefer personal exploration, or who teach anatomy in other settings, we are excited to introduce our Anatomy + Movement™ products for your own use. No contract or licensing is required, and photography of the Anatomy + Movement Skeleton is freely allowed.

Accurate, beautiful, detailed

  • Anatomically correct and more detailed than others available at this price. Similarly detailed skeletons cost twice as much.
  • One side shows major tendons and ligaments.
  • Custom-designed specifically for the purpose of teaching anatomy through the use of clay. Not an artist’s interpretation, the beautiful design comes from scans of actual bones.
  • Designed in the USA.

Easy to use, removable parts

  • Arms and legs show a variety of positions to facilitate a clear understanding of how muscles change length and position with movement.
  • Arms detach easily via magnets at the shoulder, making them easy to build and attach.
  • Skull removes to allow for building.

What’s included?

Anatomy + Movement™ Bundle includes Skeleton, terra cotta clay (4.5 lbs/2 kg), white clay (1 lb/ 0.5 kg) and our tool kit - save $30.

30–day Money Back Guarantee.

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Interested in Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ courses? Our multiple courses pair muscle function with exercises that apply the anatomical information to movement. See upcoming courses on our Education Finder®

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