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Pilates Manuals & Workbooks

Manuals by Ellie Herman

by Ellie Herman
For Pilates trainers, fitness professionals and those who want a deeper understanding of their practice. These manuals present classic Pilates repertoire plus original exercises developed by Ellie Herman. Included are detailed descriptions and step-by-step photos with breathing, alignment cues, contrindications and rehab applications. Paperback with black and white photos.

  • Pilates Arc and Barrels: 85 exercises, 151 pages (sample pdf)
  • Mat: 80 exercises, 191 pages(sample pdf)
  • Reformer: 100 exercises, 183 pages (sample pdf)
  • Cadillac (Trapeze): 35 exercises, 112 pages (sample pdf)
  • Springboard (Tower work): 70 exercises, 122 pages (sample pdf)
  • Wunda Chair: 40 exercises, 111 pages (sample pdf)
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