Meet MOTR®

A powerful one-cylinder machine

Perfect for group or at-home exercise

An effective post-rehab option

Personal training in a tube

What do you want to work on today?

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Clever Design

MOTR may look like a roller but
it is way MOre Than a Roller.

Mix It Up

MOTR’s versatility offers unlimited programming and limitless results.

Core integration
Upper Body Work
Upper Body
Agility Training
Agility Training
Standing MOTR
Standing MOTR®
Arm Only
Arm Only
Lower Body
Lower Body

Get Trained in One Weekend

Become a MOTR instructor.

Discounted equipment/training bundles available.

Mobile devices

Workouts On the Go

Build your own workout online.

Portable & Easy to Set Up

All in a 43” cylinder you can throw
over your shoulder.