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Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.


Combined with a sitting box, the footstrap secures your foot, or both feet, during exercises like the Short Box Series, Mermaid and many more. This Reformer accessory adds versatility to your workouts, and all Balanced Body Reformers come with attachment points to accommodate a footstrap. Footstraps are often used with a Sitting Box exercise. Purchase a Sitting Box with your Reformer, and get a free foot strap.

While footstrap length is a personal preference, the table below shows recommended sizes based on the type of Reformer you have, or—in the case of our wood equipment—for the type footbar you have.

All sizes are available in Cotton or Padded styles, with one exception. The Allegro® 2 Footstrap comes in Padded only, is adjustable, and is also unique in that it attaches to the Allegro® 2 Reformer without Quick Link clips.

If your Reformer is: Choose this footstrap
Allegro® 2 Reformer Allegro 2, adjustable, no clips
Allegro® Reformer Long, 28.5" (72cm) with clips
Allegro® Stretch Reformer Long, 28.5" (72cm) with clips
Studio / Revo Footbar® Medium, 27.5" (70cm) with clips
Studio or Clinical / Infinity Footbar® Short, 25.5" (65cm) with clips
Studio / Classic Footbar Short, 25.5" (65cm) with clips
CenterLine® Reformer Medium, 27" (69cm) with clips
Fletcher Reformer Short, 25.5" (65cm) with clips
Pilates IQ® Reformer Extra long, 30.5" (77cm) with clips
Pilates Sport® Reformer Oversize, 36.5" (93cm) with clips


Size Part # Price  
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