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Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.

Plank Bars for your Allegro® 2 Reformer

Time to crank up your planks!

Inspired by Stacy Allegro, the Allegro® 2 Plank Bars deliver new options for Plank variations and other exercises like Push-Ups, Tendon Stretch, Long Back Stretch and more – any exercise that requires supporting yourself with your arms.

You gain 8 new positioning options—low and high, wide and narrow—depending on how you insert the bars into the built–in holes of your standing platform.

  • Explore neutral or internally–rotated shoulder positions.
  • Add more challenge—or get more support—by changing the angle of the body.
  • Protect the wrists with a more neutral position.

Incorporate the Plank Bars into traditional exercises while on the Reformer, or use them off the end of the machine. You can even turn your Allegro 2 into a two–person exercise station, with one person on the Reformer while another uses the Plank Bars to work off the end. Lots of workout possibilities!

Our easy–grip handles are cushioned and contoured for comfort, and the sturdy bars are made of powder–coated aluminum to match your Allegro 2 beautifully.

Add exercise variety to your workouts with this functional and attractive accessory.

NOTE: This product is currently out of stock. Please check back in for updates.

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