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CenterLine® Reformer, Tower and Mat Conversion

Joseph Pilates’ original designs meet state-of-the-art craftsmanship.


Updated for 2017—now shipping!

The newly redesigned CenterLine® Reformer is available with a Tower and Mat system, all in the space of a Balanced Body® Reformer. Work in multiple planes of resistance, on a mat or moving platform, and from both sides of the Tower.

Purchase your Reformer and Tower together, or add a Tower to your Reformer later.

Balanced Body’s space-saving system offers flexibility, new programming concepts, and economical use of space.

How do Balanced Body products differ from others that look similar?

  • Easiest conversion system available.
    • To convert from Reformer to Tower, two lightweight mats fit over the carriage and on top of the frame. No need to lift, flip or turn the carriage.
    • To convert from Tower to Reformer, just remove the mats, lift the risers, insert the shoulder rests and raise the footbar.
  • Tower frame is stainless steel, engineered and built for stability. Its unique attachment system provides maximum stability and disperses the stress throughout the frame.
  • Mats double as floor mats. Non-skid feet keep them firmly in place.

Delivery and Service
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Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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Bonus – $372 value included at no additional charge

  • Gondola pole and short box dowel
  • Kneeling pads (2)
  • Sitting Box: Sitting box with handles on three sides, plus extra foam padding on all sides and top
  • Cotton foot strap and extender straps
  • Foot plate bracket pre-installed for optional accessory

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Reformer Features, Stock Item

  • Strata Rock Maple frame is 14" high x 93" long x 27" wide (36cm x 236cm x 68cm). Sanded by hand with a lustrous satin finish. Strata Artisan Maple also available at no extra charge; call to order. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Choice of 3 frame heights available at no extra charge: 14" (36cm), 18" (46cm) or 24" (61cm). The 14" height is available online; call to order other heights.
  • Extra-wide 7" boards combined with fitted and joined frame and legs create an exceptionally sturdy, stable machine.
  • Footbar/Springbar: two-position footbar is loosely hinged for swift transitions, and includes a padded, non-slip cover. No-Roll Springbar has 3 gears.
  • CenterLine® Sitting Box with handles on three sides and extra padding: 28" x 16.5" x 10" H (71cm x 41cm x 25cm).
  • Integrated standing platform, 2" (5cm) with non-skid safety surface.
  • Foot plate bracket pre-installed (for optional foot plate/jumpboard).

Carriage, Straps and Handles

  • The deliberate resistance, feedback and “end feel” so critical in the classical experience of carriage ride.
  • Carriage: standard foam padding and heavy-duty vinyl upholstery. Stock color: Black. Choose from 51 colors.
  • Shoulder blocks are comfortable and stable, with a custom design that provides secure support for shoulders, hands and feet. Shoulder posts/handles hold straps off the floor.
  • Leather straps, uniquely adjustable in length as they relax over time.
  • Swiveling handles for greatest ease of movement in exercises like Rowing.
  • Extender straps (2) for exercises like Long Spine.
  • Cotton foot strap.
  • Also included: gondola pole (60"/152cm), short box dowel (36"/90cm) and two kneeling pads.

Reformer Springs

  • Non-plated, long-lasting Balanced Body springs: 4 semi-heavy.
  • Additional position available for optional 5th spring.

Tower Features, Stock Item

  • NEW! Our new Slide System for the push-through bar makes repositioning the bar a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session. Bonus: it is quieter to use and maintenance-free.
  • NEW! Stainless steel frame replaces chrome. You will love its sleek new look, and also that it is smooth and easy to maintain, as well as resistant to chipping, pitting, corrosion and discoloration. And, its fabrication is more environmentally responsible.
  • Sturdy vertical tower frame has 35 spring attachment points. Four custom-engineered L-brackets secure the frame not only to the end of the Reformer, but also to the sides for maximum stability. Brackets are through-bolted with heavy-gauge steel bolts.
  • Perform exercises on both sides of the Tower.
  • Push-through bar is solid maple and 4-sided. Adjustable to 3 heights.
  • Twin mats are easy for one person to handle.
  • Roll-down bar is solid maple, non-swiveling with outside hooks.
  • Balanced Body Signature Spring™ package of 8 with snap hooks. Regular length: 1 red (medium), 1 green (heavy), 2 blue (light) and 2 gray (light). Long Springs: 2 red (heavy).
  • Pair of cotton loops.
  • Safety strap and carabiner. (Chains available on request.)
  • CE approved medical devices (Class 1).


  • Tower height: up to 83.5" (212cm), depending on frame height.
  • Length: 91" (228cm)
  • Width, including push-through bar adjustment knobs: 30.25" (76cm)

51 upholstery colors

Heavy-duty vinyl in 51 colors. Of those colors, 9 are standard/free, and an additional 42 custom colors choices are available for an additional charge. Try our Color Tool and get more information here, or email us for a sample color palette.


CenterLine Tower Retrofit Kit

Add a Tower and Mat to your CenterLine Reformer.

Padded Foot Plates

Add great versatility to your Reformer.


Support your client on a gentle incline.

Non-skid Strips

Keep your Reformers steady and in place.