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Other Videos & Audio

DVDs and videos to achieve a great workout at home, improve your skills as a Pilates instructor, or learn about the history of Pilates.
Orbit Workout Level 1

Roll through a fun, full-body workout on multiple planes!

Orbit Level 1 video product thumbnail
Heal Your Posture: A 7-Week Workshop

Improve the way you move in the world.

Heal Your Posture
Fletcher Pilates® Ped-i-Pul

For anyone looking to expand their knowledge on this piece of equipment.

Pilates and Performing Arts Aesthetic

A unique approach to Pilates exercises.

Pilates and Performing Arts Aesthetic
Orbit Level 2 DVD

Roll your way through a fun, full-body workout!

Tower on the Go® DVD

Challenge yourself with this full body workout.

Carola Shares

One-of-a-kind archival footage of Pilates legend Carola Trier!

Pilates Exercise with Baby

Get in shape, have fun and spend quality time with baby.

On-the-Move Munchkins

A DVD to benefit both you and your tot.

Pilates with Your Baby

Do Pilates while spending time with your baby.

Lolita's Pilates Body Walk

Get a total body aerobic workout when you walk.

Pilates Springboard™ DVD

Enjoy a full-body Tower workout from Ellie Herman.

Audio Mat Workouts for Home or Travel

Workout at home or traveling.

Lolita's Pilates Body Walk

Gain a more complete, total body aerobic workout when you walk.