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Mat Videos


Innovative, cutting edge 50-minute workout! Using just eight select Pilates exercises.

Flying Eagle Pilates: Golf

For the golfer who has taken mat classes.

Pilates Pro at Home Series

Take a Pilates pro home with you!

Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body

Two routines for the price of one!

Pilates for Low Back Pain

A fantastic program to help strengthen your core.

Pilates for Men

Whoever said Pilates isn’t for men never tried it!

Pilates Essentials

Perfect for those who have always wanted to try Pilates

Corpus Pilates Level 3

A great DVD for the level of students.

Corpus Pilates Level 2

Pilates principles, modifications and contrandications.

Corpus Pilates - Level 1

For the beginning to intermediate student.

Pilates for Dressage Riders

Learn how to develop muscles used in dressage riding.

Athletic Pilates Mat

A challenging workout for the athlete or Pilates student.

Pilates in the Rockies

David Barrett’s mat workout in a beautiful outdoor setting!

Pilates on the Go® for Mat

Pilates mat workout, filmed in an inspiring outdoor setting

Pilates on the Go® for Golf

Increase your range of motion and play better, for longer.

Pilates for Dancers

A great way to prepare for dance class.

Pilates for Healthy Bodies

Get introduced to Pilates with this special on public television.

Master Trainer Series - Mat

Be a virtual student at one of Jennifer Kries' classes.

Lolita’s Mat Repertoire

Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel presents this mat workout

Jennifer Kries New Body!

Get started down the road to a new Pilates body.

New Body! Pilates II

Challenge your core with this intermediate mat workout.

The Pelvic Core

Take your body to the next level with Volume 2 DVD.

The Upper Core

Improve your body's Core Strength with Volume 1 DVD.

Pilates 101 and Sports Specific

For serious athletes interested in Pilates.

Pilates for Men

The best workout for guys interested in gaining an edge.

New York Pilates

The most efficient and effective program available!

Combining Pilates & Yoga

All the benefits of Pilates and Yoga in one invigorating workout!

Lolita Shares Her Pilates

An excellent explanation of Pilates principles and cues.

Polestar Beginning Mat

A gentle beginning mat class to lengthen, strengthen and tone.

Intermediate Mat Workout

Follow Alice as she guides you through a highly focused class.

Balanced Body® Mat Program

Elizabeth Larkam teaches the BB versions of 20 mat exercises.