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EXO® Chair

A great way to launch equipment-based Pilates group programming!


The EXO® Chair from Balanced Body® delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout. Pilates Chair workouts are the ultimate for strength-building. Now you can add in a Functional Resistance Kit that lets you both push and pull ! This gives you a host of new exercises not possible with any other chair — including many that could previously be done only on a Reformer — and offers a challenging cardio/aerobic workout. Great for group classes, personal training sessions and at home, for users of all levels. Limited 5-year warranty.

Choose from two options:

  • The EXO Chair with a Split Pedal provides a more robust exercise repertoire by allowing reciprocal and rotational movements. Includes dowel for converting to a Single Pedal when desired.
  • The EXO Chair with a Single Pedal accommodates all traditional chair repertoire.

Both versions have a new sleek design and custom stability padding for increased support, comfort and durability.

Made in the USA

The most compact, durable Pilates chair on the market, the EXO is also lightweight and easy to move and store, with a 40% smaller footprint than competitive products when storing six chairs.

  • Designed for group programming: compact, durable and portable!
  • Lightweight and easily carried and/or stacked by one person.
  • Simple set-up, no assembly required.
  • Comfortable seat with custom stability padding, covered by the finest US-made upholstery.
  • Comfortable, padded pedal. Non-slip surface for maximum safety.
  • Two springs (black/heavy), adjustable to 8 resistance settings.
  • Spring changes are fast and safe with our Cactus Resistance System. Easy adjustments from front or back of chair, with easy-grip cloth tabs.
  • Functional Resistance Kits available separately.

We also offer training and equipment packages for the EXO Chair.

U.S. Patents No. 6916279


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Streaming video available here that guides you through a Beginning/Intermediate workout.

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  • Split and single pedal options available.
  • Dowel included with split pedal option for conversion to single pedal.
  • Exclusive Cactus Resistance System features a springtree that makes spring changes simple, fast and safe.
  • Two springs (black), adjustable to 8 resistance settings.
  • Padded top.
  • Specifications:
    Seat dimensions: 23.5" (60cm) x 16" (41cm).
    Weight: 36lbs (16.3kg).
    Height: 24.5" (62 cm).
    Length: 29.5" (75 cm).
    Width: 23.5" (60cm)
  • Stock upholstery: black. Or choose from 42 custom colors.
  • Functional Resistance Kits available separately: see Upgrades & Accessories.
  • EXO® Video Sample. Streaming video available here.

51 upholstery colors:

Heavy-duty viny in 51 colors. Of that total, 9 are standard/free, and an additional 42 custom colors are available (additional charges apply). Try our Color Tool and get more information here, or email us for a sample color palette.

Upgrades & Accessories

Resistance Kit, Light

Double your repertoire on the EXO Chair!

Resistance Kit, Heavy

Whole new exercises when you add Slastix®.


Improved comfort, durability and safety.

NEW! Sitting Box Riser

Raise your sitting box to the height of the EXO, for additional support on some exercises.

EXO® Chair Split Pedal Retrofit Kit

Convert your existing EXO.

Spring Tab Kit for Chairs

Included with all new Chairs, can be purchased separately.