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Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.

Padded Foot Plates


Padded Foot Plates add great versatility to your Reformer. In addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises, a Padded foot Plate also recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer.

How to Choose

Studio Reformer® or Clinical Reformer®

Choose the correct Foot Plate by identifying the type of Footbar you have (Revo, Classic, or Infinity). Our standard-size Foot Plates are sold on this page. For larger Foot Plates for your Studio Reformer or Clinical Reformer, see our Jumpus Maximus.

Allegro® and Allegro® 2 Reformer

  • Allegro 2 Reformers: select “Padded Foot Plate for Allegro 2 Reformer.”
  • Allegro Reformers purchased June 21, 2007, or later: select “Padded Foot Plate for Allegro (with handles).”
  • Allegro Reformers purchased earlier than June 21, 2007: you will need a retrofit kit, sold separately, in addition to the “Padded Foot Plate for Allegro (with handles)” sold on this page.
  • NEW! For larger Foot Plates for the Allegro Reformer see our Jumpus Maximus.

Pilates IQ® Reformer

  • Pilates IQ Reformers: select “Padded Foot Plate for Pilates IQ.

CenterLine® Reformer

  • CenterLine Reformers: select “Padded Foot Plate for CenterLine Reformer.”

Dimensions for Padded Foot Plates

Allegro 2: 31.5" x 20.5" (79cm x 50cm)
Allegro: 30" x 23.5" (76cm x 60cm)
Pilates IQ: 26" x 18" (66 cm x 46 cm)
Studio and Clinical: 21" x 20.5" (53cm x 52cm)
CenterLine: 21" x 20.5" (53cm x 52cm)
Jumpus Maximus for Studio Reformer and Clinical Reformer: 29" x 20.5" (74cm x 52cm)
Jumpus Maximus for Allegro Reformer: 31.5" x 28.75" (80cm x 73cm)

Interested in a Cardio Cloud for your foot plate?

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