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Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.

Detachable Rotator Discs for your Jumpboard

Now with your choice of progressive spring resistance or traditional (no resistance)!

Position these Precision Rotator Discs virtually anywhere on the Padded Jumpboard with adjustable Velcro® attachments (included). Then remove and use both products separately. Kit fits any Balanced Body® Jumpboard. Originally built by Balanced Body for Marika Molnar, PT.

Available in 9” (23cm) size
Our new generation of Precision Rotator Discs are great for improving balance, alignment, core strength, joint stability and more. Now you also have the choice of staying traditional (no resistance), or working with spring resistance.*

Why choose Rotator Discs with resistance?

  • Strengthen end-range of motion to improve joint support and stability
  • Identify strength imbalances between limbs
  • Consider light resistance for upper body and heavy resistance for lower body

Why choose discs without resistance?

  • Measure range of motion
  • Use for traditional rotator disc exercises

The Balanced Body difference

  • Three choices of spring resistance*: light, heavy or none
  • All include built-in markers to easily measure range of motion
  • Longer lasting, top-quality ABS construction. Maximum weight, 500 lbs. (277 kg)

*Discs are not adjustable. Each provides one resistance option.

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