Authorized Training Centers

Balanced Body Education has over 400 Authorized Training Centers worldwide. Our Authorized Training Centers deliver Balanced Body Education curriculum live and in-person, virtually, and in a hybrid model. Find the Authorized Training Center that best meets your needs by searching below!

Balanced Body Education: In-Person, Virtual, & Hybrid. We are your partner in Education.

Our Authorized Training Centers offer Pilates training and other Balanced Body Education modalities including Anatomy in Three Dimensions, MOTR, CoreAlign, Barre, and Bodhi Suspension System. If you do not see an Authorized Training Center near you, please call us at 1-916-388-2838 or email us. We welcome the opportunity to work with you directly!


Balanced Body Education has a global network of 400+ Authorized Training Centers. Each Authorized Training Center has at least one Balanced Body Educator in residence to teach our curriculum. Authorized Training Centers come in a few different forms including Pilates studios, rehab clinics and health clubs, and all serve the purpose of teaching Balanced Body Education curriculum to interested teachers and students.

1. Balanced Body Educator in Residence – You must have an active Balanced Body Educator in residence at your facility. This can be owner/operator of studio or Instructor that works at studio.
2. Location – There must be a demand for teacher training in your area that is not currently being served by an existing Authorized Training Center.
3. Equipment– All Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers use and train on Balanced Body equipment.