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The Aligner, yoga block and positioning tool

The Aligner

Our innovative new "The Aligner" is a versatile, multi-use positioning tool. It is designed to be used on Pilates equipment and mat classes to help develop parallel foot and leg alignment and provide feedback. Made in USA of dense, lightweight foam. Great for studio and in home use!
“Pinky” Ball, Balanced Body
Balanced Body Foot Corrector

Balanced Body® Foot Corrector

Designed in collaboration with leading Pilates educators, the Balanced Body Foot Corrector strengthens and lifts the arch of the foot, and improves balance and gait. Along with its safer, no-pinch design (patent pending), the Foot Corrector also accommodates longer and wider feet. Handmade in the USA.
Joe’s Toe Gizmo, Light

Joe’s Toe Gizmo®

The ultimate in toe correction and enhanced movement devices, Joe’s Toe Gizmo® improves bunions and toe misalignments, and strengthens feet while enhancing balance and gait. Our Toe Gizmo owes its heritage to a Pilates training tool, with modern innovations we think you’ll love! 2 spring resistances available: Heavy and Light.
Naboso Splay for foot activation and alignment.

Naboso® Toe Splay

Revolutionary new Naboso® Toe Splay helps to recover the natural range of motion of your toes often inhibited by close-toed shoes and can lead to discomfort and injury. The Splay is worn in shoes to support natural alignments and allow for stretching and releasing. We recommend starting 30 minutes a day and gradually increasing time based on comfort. Use of Naboso Toe Splay may help minimize plantar fasciitis and neuroma/arch pain. It is easily cleaned and should be washed daily to extend product life. For sale in US only.
Yamuna Foot Wakers, pair

Yamuna Foot Wakers

Developed to retrain the feet and restore full foot function, Yamuna Foot Wakers help improve total body posture, alignment, gait, flexibility, and circulation. You will invigorate your feet with these inflated pods which gently massage all part of the foot. Improves foot muscle strength and tone, and reduces fluid retention. Sold as pair.
EHS Pilates 2 Minute Fabulous Feet Kit product photo

EHS Pilates 2 Minute Fabulous Feet Kit

The EHS Pilates 2 Minute Fabulous Feet Kit helps you building better posture from the ground! Perfect for in studio and at home use, the Fabulous Feet Kit teaches you exercises to strengthen the ankles, arches, and toes, help with common foot problems, and assist you in executing corrective protocols.
Fabulous Feet Kit Includes: Pinky Ball, Spikey Ball, Super Ball, Rubber Band, and a Dowel.
KnotOut in red, green, and blue for muscle tension relief.


The unique shape of the KnotOut helps you reach muscles that traditional rollers can’t access. It’s also easy to carry and pack, so you are never without your KnotOut! The small-size KnotOut is ideal to massage the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands. The medium size works well for the shoulders and lower legs. The large size is perfect for the glutes, hamstrings, and upper back. Made of durable natural rubber in a soft, grippy polyolefin sleeve. Easy to clean.
SISSEL Spiky Domes product photo

SISSEL® Spiky Domes (Set of 2)

Increase your balance, coordination and give yourself a foot massage all at the same time. The nubby surface enhances physical perception and mobility. Used for standing and planking exercises. Set of 2 (red & blue). Diameter: 6.3″(16 cm). Suitable for all ages and accommodates weight up to 176lbs (80kg). Sold in US and Canada only.
Functional Footprints product photo

Functional Footprints®

Originally designed by Jean Claude West to help dancers achieve optimum technique, Functional Footprints are innovative, easy-to-use tools that teach leg alignment without placing stress on the ankle or knee. Used in clinic as an effective rehabilitation tool. Sold as a pair.
Blue Naboso Neuro Ball for sensory activation.
Naboso Grip Recovery Socks in packaging

Naboso® Grip Recovery Socks

Naboso Recovery Socks help release and re-power your feet by just walking around! With Naboso’s neuro-stimulating texture inside each sock, every step you take acts as a mini-massage, stimulating nerves and releasing muscles and fascia. Start by wearing 30-60 minutes a day, and gradually increase based on your own comfort level. Consistent wearing of Naboso Recovery Socks helps to reduce foot fatigue and pain, improve circulation and peripheral nerve health– and make your feet feel great at the end of a long day or extra tough workout! For sale in US only.
CenterLine Foot Corrector product photo
Inside Textured Toe Socks

Naboso® Textured Toe Socks

Actively engage and strengthen your foot with the one-of-a-kind Naboso® Textured Toe Socks. Using a patented texture and individual toe pockets, these socks support natural toe alignment, balance and improve the foot's peripheral nerve health. These innovative grippy socks will "reset" your feet at the end of a long day standing and after a hard workout. Start with 30min wear time and gradually increase based on your comfort. For best fit, wash your socks before wearing.
Naboso® Kinesis Board

Naboso® Kinesis Board

Experience better movement with more stability on the Kinesis Board. Unlike typical wobble boards, the Kinesis Board's micro-wobble system enhances ankle nerve stimulation for quicker joint position sense. Its textured platform delivers dual sensory stimulation, combining mechanoception with proprioceptive input for heightened nerve activity. Designed for single-leg use, it mirrors everyday balance demands.
Naboso® Foot Wedges

Naboso® Foot Wedges

Combine the power of biomechanics with barefoot stimulation using the Naboso Foot Wedges. Built-in foot strength is deeply connected to overall posture, power and performance, and the Naboso Foot Wedges enable faster foot activation through proper positioning and neurosensory texture. The set includes two 25-degree toe wedges and two 10-degree heel wedges. Made from food-grade silicone.