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studio reformer standing platform extender
Push-through bar covers highlighting their texture and material.

Push-Through Bar Covers

Made from soft, rubberized material, these covers create a secure, non-slip surface for feet and hands. 2 sizes. Black only.

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Cotton Webs for Fuzzies product photo

Cotton Web Straps (for Fuzzies)

Our premium Balanced Body® Cotton Web Straps are used with Fuzzies on Trapeze Tables (Cadillacs) to support arms or legs when you are suspended from the overhead canopy. Long loops can be adjusted shorter by double-looping over the canopy tube. Color: Black. Length: 29.5" (75cm.) Sold as pair. Fuzzies are sold separately.


Roll-Down Bar with Outside Hooks product photo

Roll-Down Bar with Outside Hooks

Balanced Body Roll-Down Bar with Outside Hooks integrates perfectly with your Tower or Trapeze Table (Cadillac), fitting neatly between the uprights. The spring attachments on the outside hooks allow for more grip area on bar during your workout. For use on Balanced Body Reformers with Towers and Trapeze Table (Cadillac) only.


Balanced Body Long Roll-Down Bar with Inside Hooks product photo

Long Roll-Down Bar with Inside Hooks

Long Roll-Down Bar with Inside Hooks was developed for clients with wider shoulders and/or broader chests. By making a wider bar, the arms can remain more neutral when extended out in front of the body. It's beneficial for clients to allow for the arms to be wider than the frame of the body during exercise allowing for more movement freedom in the thoracic spine. The Inside Hooks keep the spring in alignment with the eye hooks on the trapeze table. Springs sold separate. Dimensions: 30″L (75cm), 1.25"D (3.2cm)


Proprioception T-Bar product photo

Proprioception T-Bar

An exclusive Balanced Body® product, the Proprioception T-Bar helps Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists assess patient asymmetries on the Clinical Reformer®, Studio Reformer® or Reformer Trapeze Combination™.


Maple Push-Through Bar product photo

Maple Push-Through Bar

While most of our Tower and Trapeze (Cadillac) equipment include an aluminum push-through bar (except for our CenterLine® apparatus), our Maple Push-Through Bar is an add-on accessory. Handcrafted and finely sanded, this wood push-through bar offers a unique look and feel.


Padded Foot Stopper product photo

Padded Foot Stopper for Cadillac

Featuring premium padded textured upholstery, our Padded Foot Stopper is used at the end of the Trapeze Table (Cadillac) to offer comfortable platform for feet. It is wider than canopy uprights to ensure it stays in place while you are exercising. Black only. Dimensions: 9″H x 38″W (22.5cm x 95cm)


Trap table extender component for Pilates.

Trapeze Table Extender

Our innovative pull-out shelf with upholstered box adds 12″ (30cm) to the table length and provides additional options for positioning on the table. Shelf is 12″ x 14″ (31cm x 36cm) and Cushion is 12″ x 14″ x 8″ (31cm x 36cm x 20cm).
NOTE: Optional Extender Shelf and Cushion should be requested when ordering the Trap Table.


Push-Through Bar Connector product photo

Push-Through Bar Connector

Use our Push-Through Bar Connector to add a fourth side on your aluminum Push-Through Bar. When you push the bar past center, the spring will continue to pull the bar toward you. We offer 5 different Push-Through Bar Connectors. Please call Balanced Body tech support at 916-388-2838 to order the correct Push-Through Bar Connector for your system.