Level up your workout with a jumpboard on your Reformer! The firm padded jumping surface enables biomechanically correct positioning for plyometric and cardio exercise. Results include increased endurance, muscle strength, motor coordination and balance!

Padded Jumpboards

In addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises, a Padded Jumpboard recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer

Jumpus Maximus

For the largest possible padded jumpboard for our Studio Reformer®, Clinical Reformer® and Allegro® Reformer, consider the Jumpus Maximus which measures a generous 29” x 20.5” (74cm x 52cm) for the Studio and Clinical Reformer, and 31.5” x 28.75” (80cm x 73cm) for the Allegro Reformer.

Cardio Cloud

The Cardio Cloud creates a softer jumping surface in seconds. Fits any Balanced Body Jumpboards. Ideal for those with sensitive feet, or ankle, knee or hip problems. The softness of the pad encourages full articulation of the feet, while the durable foam padding ensures better biomechanics for jumping. Completely covers the surface used during jumping, so no area is lost.