About Pilates

Pilates at Home

Pilates enthusiasts today around the world are enjoying Pilates at home.

In the past, Pilates was only offered in select cities and high-end studios, and the equipment was too big, bulky and expensive for most of us.

Online instruction and classes changed everything. Most home users start with Pilates mat videos that guide you through refreshing full-body workouts. As you progress, you may choose to add a home Reformer, Pilates Chair or Barrel. Each training tool expands the type of exercise you can do, keeping your home Pilates workouts fresh, fun and effective!

Before starting a Pilates program at home, experts highly recommend taking classes at a Pilates studio so you get acquainted with Pilates exercises. Effective Pilates exercise focuses on movement and breathing and is best explained and demonstrated by certified Pilates instructor.

Free Full Body Workouts

Exclusive to Balanced Body, free full-body streaming workouts include a wide range of exercise programs – with equipment, or small props, or just YOU on your mat. Over 60 titles to choose from!

Quick Exercise Breaks

During busy workdays, it’s important to remember to get up and move. Whether its 10, 20 or 30 minutes, these breaks clear our minds, get our blood pumping, and help us to refocus on the tasks at hand. Try one now — 70+ videos and all free!

Equipment & Exercise

For those who own Balanced Body equipment, join our experts to learn more about how your apparatus works, learn new ways to a fun new workout!  Scroll the list of videos to find one for you. And let us know if there is other equipment that you want us to feature!