Close-up view of the wheel in the Allegro 2 Wheel Kit.
Allegro 2 Wheel Kit displayed without legs.

Allegro 2 Wheel Kit without legs

Allegro 2 Wheel Kit shown with legs attached.

Allegro 2 Wheel Kit with legs

Allegro 2 Wheel Kit, no legs

Allegro® 2 Wheel Kit

Our Allegro 2 Wheel Kit makes it easy for you to move and store your Reformer when you want it out of the way! Our easy-to-install wheel kit is a convenient, economical way to add portability and vertical storage.

As beautiful as the Allegro 2 Reformer is, sometimes you may need to move it out of the way. This is where our Allegro 2 Wheel Kit comes in, making it super simple to move and store your Reformer (upright). Transport wheels are required for vertical storage.

As an added bonus, we include a cotton twill undercarriage cover with the Allegro 2 wheel kit to keep the underside of the carriage and mechanisms free of dust, dirt and hair. This twill cover easily attaches with Velcro strips. Our do-it-yourself wheel kit comes with easy installation instructions.