Black Sissel Spinefitter back stretcher device for spinal extension.
Black Sissel Spinefitter Extension for back stretching.
View of Sissel Spinefitter Back Stretcher Device for spine extension
An extension kit designed to be used with the Spinefitter back-stretching device for increased range of motion and deeper stretches
Spinefitter® by SISSEL® Extension Kit 1
Spinefitter® by SISSEL® Extension Kit 2

Spinefitter® by SISSEL® Extension Kit

The Spinefitter by SISSEL® Extension Kit connects to the standard Spinefitter, offering greater surface area for taller users. It can also be used separately for myofascial release of specific muscle groups and targeted areas.

The Spinefitter Extension Kit connects to the standard Spinefitter, adding length for taller users. It’s also a portable myofascial release device for targeted muscle groups. The Spinefitter Extension provides 2 additional rows of balls and 4.7in (12cm).

Spinefitter enhances movement using deep pressure to open connective tissue around the spine. It is also effective in targeting muscle groups as well as balance exercises and proprioceptive awareness.

  • Small and lightweight – great to pack for travel
  • Lengthens Spinefitter for tall users
  • Easy-to-use click-on system
  • Spinefitter Extension: 4.7”L x 4.7”W x 2.3”H (12cm x 12cm x 6cm)
  • For Spinefitter professional continuing education, please see Polestar's Pilates Meets Spinefitter course
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