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Bodhi Suspension System®

Bodhi Suspension System's two independent ropes offer four suspension points for upper body, lower body, and full body training. Designed for all body types and fitness levels. Builds strength, stability, and proprioception. Easy and fun to use in classes and on your own!
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Developed by Pilates instructor Khita Whyatt and partner Kirsten Sell, the Bodhi Suspension System focuses on five key fitness categories including strength, stability, balance, proprioception, and flexibility. The 4-point suspension system design works with all body types making exercise fun and engaging!

Bodhi is different than other suspension exercise systems. Featuring 4 suspension points, Bodhi gives users more control over their movement, lending itself to our very precise mind-body programming. Bodhi uses dynamic rock climbing ropes, providing a softer slightly bouncy feel...far different than solid synthetic web straps. And Bodhi uses Prusik knots for the rope-loop linkage. Prusik knots are a rock climbing tool, providing a solid, secure linkage to the ropes, and is fast and easy to adjust.

Bodhi is used in group classes, privates, post-rehabilitation sessions, and at home. This innovative suspension system can be attached on the ceiling, wall, or door. Bodhi is also easy to pack and carry to outdoor exercise areas – simply rig over pull-up or high bar and exercise wherever you go. Bodyweight suspension exercise delivers proven results. Users of all abilities will progress quickly as they “learn the ropes.” There is no better way to train the full body than with the one-of-a-kind Bodhi Suspension System!

  • 2 Ropes Integrated Adjustment System (for use up to 8.5ft (2.6m) ceiling)
  • 2 Handles
  • 2 Double Padded Loops
  • 4 Accessory Lanyards
  • Tote Storage Bag
  • Sample Workout Flashcards
  • Optional: Rope Extenders for higher ceilings (purchase separately)

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I love the Bodhi Suspension trainer – it’s. a perfect compliment to the other Pilates work. I use it with young and older clients to work on balance, core, and more.

Lucie B.


Suspension training moves the body out of the line of gravity to challenge core engagement and to facilitate body weight training in a number of positions.

The Bodhi Suspension System has 4 connection points allowing all 4 limbs to be suspended, and user to move while fully suspended in air. This provides “weightless” suspension enables multi-planar movement. Adjusting the length of the Bodhi for different exercises involves a simple slide of the strap or handle to the new position. Bodhi is suspended from 2 attachment points, which allows the ropes to be more in line with the shoulder and hip joints. Bodhi ropes are “dynamic”, providing a softer feel and use.

Bodhi Suspension System ropes can be installed in a number of ways from the ceiling or the wall depending on the design of your gym or studio. Check out the installation videos on BB Garage.

Straps can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer. The handles can be disinfected using sprays or wipes appropriate for neoprene.

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