Centerline Pole System Mat Moon Box package for diverse workouts.
CenterLine Pole System, Mat & Moon Box Package product photo
CenterLine Pole System, Mat & Moon Box Package, Balanced Body
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CenterLine® Pole System, Mat & Moon Box Package

Space-saving by design, the handcrafted stainless-steel frame is smooth to the touch and resists chipping, pitting, corrosion, and discoloration. The Balanced Body® Slide System makes repositioning the push-through bar a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session on the Pole System.
Stock Color: Black

Our premium padded, upholstered raised mat and complementary Moon Boxes create the ideal platform under the CenterLine Pole System.

  • Stainless steel tower with 23 spring attachment points
  • Push-through bar of solid maple and is 4-sided and adjusts to 8 heights, with safety strap and carabiner included
  • Tower springs are Balanced Body Signature Springs™ with snap hooks, package of 8. Regular length: 2 blue (light), 2 gray (light), 1 red (medium) and 1 green (heavy). Long Springs: 2 red (heavy)
  • Roll-down bar is solid maple, 23″ long (58cm), non-swiveling with outside hooks
  • One pair cotton loops
  • Raised, padded and upholstered Mat with dowel handles and cotton footstrap: 84″L x 22.5″W x 6″H (213cm x 57cm x 15cm)
  • 2 padded and upholstered Moon Boxes of wood core construction – each:   14"L x 9"W x 6"H (36cm x 23cm x 15cm)
  • Weighted metal roll-up bar, 3.8 lbs. (1.7kg)
  • Heavy duty vinyl upholstery is available in 9 standard and 21 premium colors. Please call us at 916-388-2838 or email us for more information, and to order premium colors

Our Centerline Equipment Suite was created with Amy Tayler Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel of The Pilates Center in Boulder, to deliver distinctive, authentic feel and function.

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The CenterLine Pole System comes partially assembled. Assembly primarily involves securely attaching the Pole System to the floor and the wall. An experienced handy person with tools should be consulted and/or hired to properly and securely attach this product to the wall and floor. To download assembly instructions, click here.

The CenterLine Pole System (without mats) comes standard with a wooden Push-Through Bar, a Roll-Down Bar with outside hooks, and a different spring configuration.

Clean upholstery with Balanced Body Clean or gentle soap & warm water. Alcohol, bleach and chemical cleaners will damage upholstery over time.